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At F5 Enterprises Inc., we offer a wide range of appraisal services to fit your unique needs.
What Is Your Machinery & Equipment Worth?
We have two options for valuing machinery and equipment.
Select the best option that fits your needs.

Desktop Appraisal (Online/Remote)

A desktop appraisal is a personal property valuation that is completed at the appraiser's desk using various depreciation techniques, market data and comparable sales history to determine a value.

We’ll need the make, model, year, serial number, condition, and any other important features of your equipment.  Once we have that, we'll compile the information into a USPAP compliant report for review.

This approach is the most time-sensitive and budget-friendly choice. 

On-Site Appraisal

The on-site appraisal is an in-person, hands-on approach. We’ll travel to the equipment/machinery for an in-depth evaluation and inspection. While we’re there, we’ll take photos and gather any other pertinent information that will be needed for the final report.

After the site visit is complete, we’ll compile the information into a USPAP
compliant report for review.

How Long Will Appraising Your Equipment Take?
Typically, you can expect machinery appraising to take two to four weeks. During this time, we’ll be viewing your equipment, gathering information, and creating informative reports.

Contact us today to find out more about getting your equipment assessed.
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